Skippers Great Grand Father and 2x World Champion Larus Von Batu

Check out this video of 2x World Champion Larus Von Batu.  Skippers Great Grand Father and the Great Great Grand Father to our current litter of puppies.

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We currently have AKC registered puppies for sale (2 females  & 1 male) with outstanding European pedigrees. Please visit our puppy page for more information and photos.

Argo-Male (SOLD)
Addi-Female (Sold)
Ava-female (Sold)

Beautiful German Shepherd Puppies Ready For Their New Homes Now!

We have puppies for sale!
2 Females and 1 Male born 11 November 2017

Exceptional European Working Lines! Both parents have OFA (Good) hips, are Obedience Titled and Canine Good Citizens with great temperaments. We are confident that these puppies will be intelligent, quick learners, have high energy with solid drive and excellent focus. Socialization activities have already begun with kids, people, animals and auditory stimulation. Please view fathers and mothers pedigree. Both come from a very strong working line and have many SCHH3 and IPO3 titles. Pedigrees also show a VA-1 Universal Sieger and a Belgium Sieger. The mother’s parents are German imports with pink papers. Puppies are $1400 for full registration and require a $400 non-refundable deposit. Puppies will be ready for their new homes on January 7, 2018. They will come with current vaccinations, vet exam, health certificate, AKC registration kit, new puppy handbook and pedigree. Local pickup of your puppy is highly encouraged. However, I will also personally deliver your pup to you for an additional $275, as long as you’re within a five hour drive from Richmond Virginia. We can also ship using a pet airline service for an additional $450. We only ship our puppies within continental United States.

Fathers Pedigree:…/dog.html…

Mothers pedigree:…/dog.html…

*We only have puppies available several times throughout the year.

Addi- Sold
Addi- Sold
Addi- Sold
Addi- Sold
Ava (Sold)
Ava (Sold)
Ava (Sold)

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Conscientious Breeders

Conscientious Breeders

  • Strive in each and every breeding to achieve the highest quality possible relative to the breed standard for conformation, trainability and temperament, in order to maintain our breed’s characteristics.
  • Use only physically sound, mature dogs of stable temperament for breeding. These characteristics are rarely, if ever, determined before the age of two for females.
  • Continue to educate themselves regarding genetic diseases pertinent to the breed including, hip and elbow dysplasia. Documentation of hip and elbow screenings should be available to prospective puppy buyers. It should consist of an OFA, OVC or Penn Hip report and/or a letter of evaluation from a board certified Veterinary Radiologist.
  • Apply the same high standards to outside bitches sent to their stud dogs as they apply to their own breeding stock.Mother and Puppies.
  • Match each puppy’s personality as carefully as possible with a compatible buyer/family. Temperament testing of a litter before puppies are offered for sale is encouraged.
  • Take appropriate steps to have each puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian for general health prior to placement. Each puppy should be vaccinated and de-wormed by a veterinarian.
  • Encourage buyers of pet puppies to spay/neuter. Methods should include written spay/neuter contracts, limited registration and/or spay/neuter rebates.
  • Endeavor to gain personal knowledge of the temperament and health of every dog they breed, or to which they breed, in order to gather information on which to base future breeding decisions. They share this information fully and honestly with other breeders and with prospective buyers.
  • Sell breeding prospects to knowledgeable, ethical and experienced persons or are willing to help educate and guide novices. They should at any time accept the return of any dog/bitch their breeding program produces and they should always help when relocation is needed.
  • Do not engage in misleading or untrue advertising and do not use GSDCA membership as a marketing tool.
  • Do not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog for which they are responsible to a pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society or to a laboratory. They should have reasonable assurance that each individual receiving a dog will provide a home with appropriate shelter, restraint, control and responsible care.
  • Encourage puppy buyers to go to puppy obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate should be encouraged.

Cited: “Conscientious Breeders.” German Shepherd Club of America.          29 December 2017 <

CPT Max von Stephanitz Founds a New Breed

Captain Max von Stephanitz Founds a New Breed

In 1889 Captain Max von Stephanitz began the standardization of the breed. It all started at a dog show in Karlsruhe in western Germany. A medium-sized yellow-and-gray wolflike dog caught his attention. The dog was of the primal canine type, supple and powerful, and possessed endurance, steadiness, and intelligence. He was a working sheepherder, requiring no training other than direction and finish to become proficient at the task. This dog, Hektor Linksrhein, was purchased by von Stephanitz, renamed Horand von Grafrath, and became the first registered German Shepherd Dog.

CPT Max von Stephanitz

The German Shepherd Dog

” The breeder on a small scale, one who works with 1 or 2 bitches, is the most suitable breeder for service dogs because he can care for his breeding animals  & their progeny to such an extent that he can produce strong sound animals that can be trained.”             

Captain Max von Stephanitz