AKC Breeder of European Pedigreed German Shepherds in Beautiful Virginia


Cold Harbor German Shepherds

Sandston, Virginia


German Shepherd puppies in Virginia. Our highly sought-after Czech German Shepherd puppies are now available for reserve.  They will be healthy, smart and easy to train. Suitable for families, sports and protection.

Buyer Agreement

Note: If you're buying one of puppy, we must have a signed copy finalizing the sale prior to releasing the puppy to it's new home. Please send completed agreement to dbate0103@gmail.com



Cold Harbor German Shepherds

Sandston, Virginia 23150





Producing healthy German Shepherd puppies in Virginia with wonderful temperaments for loving homes. We guarantee the dog's health for 72 hours after the buyer takes possession of the puppy, in cases of communicable diseases.  If such a condition is found, the condition must be diagnosed in writing by a licensed veterinarian, and the puppy may be returned to seller for either a replacement or a full refund. We're not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred by the buyer. In the event, a puppy must be returned to the breeder. The buyer is responsible for all shipping cost incurred.

Pet Owen Responsibilities

 In addition to having the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours after delivery, the buyer agrees to provide nutritious food and water throughout the life of the dog, including appropriate worming, heart guard and vaccinations.


The buyer also agrees to maintain adequate shelter and will not chain or tether the dog in the yard. The buyer further agrees not to sell, give or release this dog to any pet shop, retail store, dog dealer, animal testing facility, research facility or agents. In the event, buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog for any reason he/she agrees to give the breeder the first option to take the puppy/dog back.


The buyer releases the breeder from all liabilities and or damages caused by this dog after its placement. These damages include and are not limited to destruction of property and/or physical injury to any person, thing or animal.


Puppy/dog comes with full AKC registration and breeding rights, unless otherwise noted within this agreement.


Puppies are priced at $_____.  Buyer picks are determined by the breeder and are made after the puppies are four weeks old or older. This ensures that the right puppy goes to the right buyer and the needs of both are met. Deposits are $200 and the remaining balance is due in full when the breeder releases the dog to the buyer. All sales are final, and all down-payments are non-refundable.


This contract represents the entire agreement made between the buyer and breeder. The breeder and the buyer have not made any other agreements, promises, or representations, verbal or implied, unless specifically stated in writing on this agreement.

(Breeder and Buyer will receive a copy of this signed agreement.)The buyer signature acknowledges that they have physically received their puppy.

German Shepherd Puppies Virginia


East German Border Guard (left) and a East German Border Dog (right). These dogs (German Shepherds), were kept in dog runs along the border and fed once a week to help prevent / deter East Germans from escaping to the West. Photo was taken by me, while on patrol 1988. (Coburg border sector, West Germany).


Bavaria, West Germany & East German Border 1988.





East German round tower, taken in 1989 while on patrol.

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